Letter to the editor: A record of good decision making

As a practicing Monroe County lawyer for 37 years, I write to support Jeff Kehr’s candidacy for judge of Division 8 of the Monroe County Circuit Court, Seat 5. Jeff brings his 22 years of experience in the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office as a felony prosecutor to the bench. As first deputy prosecutor, he has extensive management experience. Both skills are invaluable for a trial judge.

Judges also must be able to make decisions. Those decisions must be fair. In addition to extensive trial experience, Jeff has a record of good decision making. During his years of public service, Jeff has earned a reputation as honest, fair-minded and hard-working. Although he has fought crime vigorously, he listens to people and believes in justice. Jeff has participated in such ground-breaking programs such as the Monroe County Drug Treatment Court, a problem-solving court directed at helping chemically dependent adults achieve sobriety.

I plan to vote for Jeff Kehr for judge of the Monroe Circuit Court. I ask Monroe County voters to do the same.

Betsy Greene


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