Letter to the Editor: Fair and dedicated to social justice

Thank you Sue Wanzer for your letter to the editor!

I am excited to support and help elect Jeff Kehr as Judge for Monroe County Circuit Court, primarily because he is fair and dedicated to social justice.

Jeff supports problem solving in our courts which lead to just outcomes for all. As a Deputy Prosecutor Jeff has years of experience with very complex cases which has contributed to his knowledge of trial and jury rules. In addition, one of the most admirable of Jeff’s qualifications for Judge include being a founding member of the Monroe County Drug Treatment Court. Jeff believes that addiction and mental health issues are public health issues which I find most impressive. This is one of the indications that he has and will continue to practice compassionate justice.

My wife, Melanie, and I are both impressed with Jeff’s community service and youth volunteer activities and have seen how it helps him to understand and support this community. His humility and integrity will enable him to be fair. His years of experience and judicial skills will enable him to be just.

Please join Melanie and me in voting for Jeff Kehr who will make an outstanding judge.

Sue Wanzer


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