Letter to the Editor: Kehr has the experience, temperament, and integrity to be an outstanding judge

Thanks to Monroe Circuit Court Judge Elizabeth Mann (Ret.) for her letter to the editor today. I had the pleasure of practicing law before Judge Mann for many years and she presided over many of my jury trials. She also served as a Senior Judge after she retired from the bench.

To the editor:

Please vote for Jeff Kehr in the upcoming Democratic primary for judge of the Monroe Circuit Court. He has the strength of experience that comes from a 22-year career as a deputy prosecuting attorney and the breadth of vision that comes from fighting for crime victims and on the front lines of our addictions crisis. His has been a leading voice in the community conversations about jail overcrowding.

Jeff knows that the safety of our community depends on making the right calls about treatment and alternative sanctions for those convicted of crimes. Our judges must take steps to fashion new approaches and Jeff Kehr is prepared to lead those efforts.

Please visit his website: jeffkehrforjudge.com. Lots of details there about Jeff, his family, his community involvement and his views. But ask around about him, too. Ask the law enforcement officers with whom he has prepared cases; ask the lawyers against whom he has tried cases; ask the judges before whom he has appeared. To a one, they will tell you that Jeff Kehr has the experience, the temperament, the work ethic and the integrity to be Monroe County’s next outstanding judge.

Elizabeth Mann Retired judge, Monroe Circuit Court Bloomington


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