The team is placing yard signs now!

Updated: May 22

The Jeff Kehr for Judge team is placing yard signs now. If you'd like a yard sign, please let us know! It's a great way to show your support!


Committee Members

Beth Hamlin (chair)

Cosima Hanlon (treasurer)

Tomi and Jim Allison

Lorraine Merriman Farrell

Betsy Greene

Don Griffin Jr.

William Hosea

Cindy Houston

James Kennedy

Amelia Lahn

Elizabeth Mann

Emily Salzmann

Fred Schultz

Nico Sigler

Tom Thickstun

Jo Ann Vernon

Sue Wanzer

Jayme Washel

Carol Wilson

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Committee to Elect Jeff Kehr

P.O. Box 2711

Bloomington, IN  47402

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Cosima Hanlon, Treasurer